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Match Schedule
Time GMT+2Live Matches | Saturday, 10/05/2019Link TV
16:00 pm Liverpool vs Leicester
Competition : English Premier League
Time GMT+2Live Matches | Sunday, 10/20/2019Link TV
17:30 pm Man United vs Liverpool
Competition : English Premier League

Liverpool or The Reds (its nickname) is a club that originated from the United Kingdom, based at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool City. The Club became one of the largest and most successful clubs of the United Kingdom.

The Club managed to collect 18 title of English Premier League.7 titles of FA Cup and 7 titles of League Cup. In addition, the Club became a club that won the most UEFA Champions League trophy from the United Kingdom it is 6 title. In doing so, the Club became a Club much favored by connoisseurs of football.

Liverpool was founded on 15 March 1892 due to feud between Everton FC Committee with John Houlding then as the owner of Anfield Stadium. At that time, John Houlding increase rent Anfield from 100 Pounds into 250 Pundsterling per year. So Everton Committee rejects the policy and choosing move to Goodison Park stadium and John Houlding makes Liverpool as the Club headquartered at Anfield until recently.

Liverpool became the Club of the United Kingdom who always participated in the League that exists in Europe, be it the UEFA champions league or the other. If you are one of the lovers of Liverpool, of course you don't want to miss any of their games. If you are not busy with your work, you can take your time to watch it in the stadium or on television your home.

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