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Match Schedule
Time GMT+2Live Matches | Sunday, 10/06/2019Link TV
20:45 pm Internazionale vs Juventus
Competition : Serie A Italy
Time GMT+2Live Matches | Saturday, 10/19/2019Link TV
20:45 pm Juventus vs Bologna
Competition : Serie A Italy
Time GMT+2Live Matches | Tuesday, 10/22/2019Link TV
21:00 pm Juventus vs Locomotiv M
Competition : UEFA Champions League

Good news for lovers of Juventus, because in the past year the Star Real Madrid player and the best player Cristian Ronaldo had moved to Juventus with a transfer fee of more than 90 million dollars. But in the past few weeks alone party Juventus claimed that those costs have come back with the results of sales and other attributes.

The existence of the star players of Juventus, is now getting a lot of fans, as evidenced by the juventus-owned social media accounts up from 7 million follower so 18 million followers. It makes a positive impact on behalf of juventus. It also estimated the Club's income increased rapidly compared to years ago.

Now Juventus into swinger clubs from Italy with the acquisition of tropy in the Serie A League defeats his rival AC Milan and more. For lovers of football surely don't want to miss the action star players play with Juventus.

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