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Starball9Ligue 1 Macthes Schedule
Match Schedule
Time GMT+2Live Matches Of Ligue 1 | Saturday, 08/24/2019Link TV
20:00 pm Brest Starball9 Reims
20:00 pm Angers Starball9 Metz
20:00 pm Amiens Starball9 FC Nantes
20:00 pm Dijon Starball9 Bordeaux
Time GMT+2Live Matches Of Ligue 1 | Sunday, 08/25/2019Link TV
15:00 pm AS Monaco Starball9 Nimes
17:00 pm Starsbourg Starball9 Rennes
21:00 pm PSG Starball9 Toulouse
Time GMT+2Live Matches Of Ligue 1 | Tuesday, 08/27/2019Link TV
19:00 pm Montpellier Starball9 Lyon
Time GMT+2Live Matches Of Ligue 1 | Wednesday, 08/28/2019Link TV
19:00 pm Lille Starball9 AS Saint
21:00 pm OGC Nice Starball9 Marseille

French Premier League or can be called with the Ligue 1, is one of the major tournaments which exist in Europe, exactly in France. The League was followed by the 20 teams in the country (except AS Monaco). This tournament started organized in 1932.

If you thought that the most successful clubs in this tournament is a PSG, then you are wrong. Due to the clubs that get a lot of trophies in this League is AS-Saint Etienne with the acquisition of 10 titles, followed by Olympique De Marseille and FC Nantes with 8 Championships.

The history of the founding of the League of United Kingdom seafarers service. At that time the sailors set up a club and called Le Havre Athletic Club in 1872. Initially unfamiliar with the community around the game which was hosted by the the sailors, because they thought the game was strange.

But gradually the community there began to follow the game, and began to build a new Club. Consequently, with the growing number of clubs that exist in France, the regional soccer tournament was held then in 1892.

Although there are already regional tournament, Football Federation could not make a tournament like other countries. The main factor is the large number of streams of racist towards ethnic or religious differences that can cause division.

Thus the inaugural of the tournament was organized in 1932. At that time Lille won the first of this League.