Watch Live Streaming Formula 1 Today 2019

The Race had been filled in by the drivers from all over the world. The car used is also not an ordinary car. These vehicles can reach speeds of 300KM/H, it's really amazing right?.

The race is governed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), headquartered at Place de la Concorde, Paris. Its President is Jean Todt, and publicly sponsored and regulated by the commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone official through a variety of companies.

Do you know the history of this race already exists since the year 1920 or rather before the world war. A number of racing organizations from all over the world start making rules for the race at the international level. But the intention should be delayed because of the outbreak of the world war.

After the war the world is finished, the race began to indicate its existence. Recorded early competition starting in 1950 and Giuseppe Farina from Italy with his car Alfa Romeo came out as the first champion by beating teammate Juan Manuel Fangio.

Entering the year 1981, the race began to be known by the world community. Each State began to follow or give the Messenger when the race is held. As a result of the current Formula 1 became one of the many races favored by many people.

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