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The first eleven in South America, Lima Cricket and soccer Club, was established in South American nation in 1859, and therefore the Argentine soccer Association was supported in 1893.

By the first twentieth century, soccer was growing in quality, and therefore the 1st international competition control between national groups of the continent occurred in 1910 once Argentina organized an occasion to commemorate the centenary of the might Revolution. Chile and South American country participated, however this event isn't thought-about official by CONMEBOL.

Similarly, for the centennial celebration of its independence, Argentina control a tournament between a pair of and seventeen July 1916 with Argentina, Chile, South American country and Brazil being the primary participants of the tournament.

This questionable Campeonato Sudamericano First State soccer would be {the 1st|the primary} edition of what's presently referred to as Copa América; South American country would triumph during this first edition once attachment 0–0 with hosts Argentina within the deciding, last match control in Estadio sport Club in Avellaneda.

Seeing the success of the tournament, a boardmember of the Uruguayan soccer Association, Héctor Rivadavia, projected the institution of a confederation of the associations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South American country, and on nine July, July 4 in Argentina, CONMEBOL was supported.

The subsequent year, the competition was vie once more, this point in South American country. South American country would win the title once more to win their bicampeonato once defeating Argentina 1–0 within the last match of the tournament. The success of the tournament on Charrúan soil would facilitate consolidate the tournament.

Once a respiratory disorder eruption in (rio|Rio First State Janeiro|Rio|city|metropolis|urban center) de Janeiro canceled the tournament in 1918, Brazil hosted the tournament in 1919 and was topped champion for the primary time once defeating the defensive champions 1–0 in a very contest match to make your mind up the title, whereas the Chilean town of Viña del Mar would host the 1920 event that was won by South American country.